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VIDOTRANS-HTG  also transports reliefgoods to Africa, for large organizations as Blythswood Care from Schotland but also for smaller organizations as well as individuals we transport a variety of relief goods per container to various African countries.

Loading of containers is on location as well as from our custom bounded warehouse in Heerenveen - NL.

On request we can also purchase a container for you, unloading on the spot is not necessary and you can use your seaworthy B-class container as a temporary warehouse.

Of course we will in corporation with your recipient produce all the necessary documentation so that your reliefgoods can be custom cleared by your local organization without any problems..


Depending on your demands you can chose for a 20ft, 40ft. Or a 40ft. High cube container, see the dimensions below:



40' Dry Freight Container


20' Dry Freight Container


40' Dry Freight Container


L: 39' 3/8"
W: 7' 8-3/8"
H: 7' 9-5/8"
Max. Net Weight: 40,000 lbs
Cubic Capacity: 2,376 cuft.
Usable Space about 1850-2200 cuft.


L: 19' 5"
W: 7' 8-1/8"
H: 7' 9-5/8"
Max. Net Weight: 40,000 lbs
Cubic Capacity: 1,164 cuft.
Usable Space about 850-1050 cuft.


L: 39' 3/8"
W: 7' 8-3/8"
H: 8' 9"
Max. Net Weight: 40,000 lbs
Cubic Capacity: 2,678 cuft.
Usable Space about 2100-2400 cuft.

A_MSCVessel     J_CoscoPCT
Loading of the containers goes on day and night before leaving for various African destinations.

on its way to Africa

Expectant and breast feeding mothers and undernourished children wait for supplementary feeding supplies outside Mtangawatanga Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi -  2002 WFP/Mike Huggins   Child carries food aid back to his family, Dedza district, near Lilongwe, capital of Malawi -  2002  WFP/Mike Huggins
The arrival and distribution of the relief goods on the spot

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We hope we can contribute with a transport of your reliefgoods in a positive way to your relief projects in Africa.