General country information
Survace 207.586 km˛      about 10,4 million inhabetants    Language: Bela/Russian
Telephone entry code 00375   Police 02, Ambulance 03,  Firebrigade 01
Currency:Belarussian Roebel  VAT non refundeble  
 Alcohol percentage 0%  while driving a vehicle  

VIDOTRANS-HTG transport part loads as well as full loads to Belarus for over 25 organizations, Mostly this takes place in co-operation with the Belarus charitable organization “Kindness” in Minsk .


We make combinations of shipments in such way that we always drive with full trucks. This is the most advantageous way, for you and for us, even when it goes about smaller loads or in some cases a few packages.

The most of our transports to Belarus are designated to the children’s-home and villages that still have trouble with the after-pains of the “Tsjernobyl disaster”. Especially children are the victims of this disaster. Children between the ages of 10-13 years old belong to the increased risk group. The various forms of thyroid cancer occurs much more than before the disaster.

Prof. E. Demidchik, Komsomolskaya Pravda:
“In the twelve years before the Tsjernobyl disaster the registered cases of thyroid cancer were 8 in
Belarus , in the twelve years after the Tsjernobyl disaster there were 547 children and 120 teenagers operated on various forms of thyroid cancer.”

Import and custom regulations for relief goods
What is absolutely impossible:

1.         No meat or products containing meat
2.         No
milk/diary or products containing milk
3.         No fish or products containing fish
4.         No
food whit a short expire date or an oudated expiredate, e.g. 03-08 can not be transported in august 2003, in general food should have an expire date of at least 6 months after import in the country.
5.         No
2de hand refrigerators because of the very strict export rules in the EU about equipment containing CFK.

What is possible but only with an importlicense of the ministery of agriculture:
Patatoes (consumption and seed), Rice, Seeds and milkpowder with all the phyto sanitary certificates

Besides the above mentioned products almost anything can be imported if it´s according to the following regulation:
The goods can only be used for reliefprojects and may never be used for trading, commercial purposes or for gain.

Your receiver must custom clear the loads by itself:
A service like Fundatia Martha in Roemenia is not possible in Belarus but your receiver must custom clear the goods by itself, please bare in mind that your receiver must provide the following documents and import licenses:
1.         Acceptation letter
2.         Import license of the ministery in
3.         Registration in the local custom computer
4.         Make the custom decleration at a local expeditor
5.         custom clear the goods at the customs
6.         pay for all the declaration and custom fees

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