Bosnia and Herzegovina

General country information
Survace 51.129 kmē      about 4,6 million inhabetants    Language: Servo-Croatic
Telephone entry code 00387   Police 92, Ambulance 94,  Firebrigade 95
Currency:Bosnian Dinar  VAT 20% non refundeble  
 Alcohol percentage 0%  while driving a vehicle

VIDOTRANS-HTG  his not policly involved, we only take in mind if itīs save to transport relief gods to a certain destination like the post-war area Bosnië & Herzegovina.


VIDOTRANS-HTG  transported to Sarajevo for the foundation "Blindhelp international". This organization supports blind people in Easteren Europe and helps them besides the normale reliefgoods like clothing and bedding also with the very important visual measering equipment, glasses and other visual means of help.

For Mission Without Borders International we transport on a reguarly base reliefgoods to the in 2 parted city of Mostar were the bombarded bridge became a simbol of a crazy war.

bosnia3.jpg (87894 bytes) bosnia6.jpg (78174 bytes)
the bridge in Mostar before the war

the road to the bridge                                  on the bridge                                         picture taken from the bridge

Import and custom regulations for reliefgoods
What is absolutely impossible:

1.         No meat or products containing meat
2.         No
milk/diary or products containing milk
3.         No vis or products containing vis
4.         No
food whit a short expire date or an oudated expiredate, e.g. 03-08 can not be transported in august 2003, in general food should have an expire date of at least 6 months after import in the country.
5.         No
2de hand refrigerators because of the very strict export rules in the EU about equipment containing CFK.

What is possible but only with an importlicense of the ministery of agriculture:
Patatoes (consumption and seed), Rice, Seeds and milkpowder with all the phyto sanitary certificates

Besides the above mentioned products almost anything can be imported if itīs according to the following regulation:
The goods can anly be used for reliefprojects and may never be used for trading, commercial purposes or for gain.

Your receiver must custom clear the loads by itself:
A service like Fundatia Martha in Roemenia is not possible in Albania but your receiver must custom clear the goods by itself, please bare in mind that your receiver must provide the following documents and import licenses:
1.         Acceptation letter
2.         Import license of the ministery in Tirana
3.         Registration in the local custom computer
4.         Make the custom decleration at a local expeditor
5.         custom clear the goods at the customs
6.         pay for all the declaration and custom fees

If you are interrested in transportation or if you want a quotation than please fill in the Information form

Ministery of transport
IvanaKrndelja b.b,  88000 Mostar
tel: 00387-36-550025, fax: 00387-36-550024

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