What do we do?

In the past years VIDOTRANS-HTG transported reliefgoods for over  350 organizations from Belgium, Germany, America, Austria, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Holland to more than 40 different countries world wide.
Our main activity is groupage transport (the combining of partial loads) to Romania and Belarus but it is also possible to go to other destinations, because we transport for so many organizations we can always fill-up a whole truck , this means you are not obliged to “fill” a whole truck.
The list with special assignments is large, what to think of:

Anything is possible for us, for example  the transport of relief goods per overseas containers or air freight from America, Canada and Australia to our modern custom warehouse in Heerenveen.
After handling we can transport these goods to Eastern Europe with our own trucks.
The documents that herewith belong will be provided by
VIDOTRANS-HTG by which the different languages besides English and German: Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Farsi or Russian will not be any problem for us.
Also we will provide the permissions from the different ministries in the receiving countries and the transiting countries.