General country information
Survace 93.030 kmē      about 10,3 million inhabetants    Language: Hungarian
Telephone entry code 0036   Police 107, Ambulance 104,  Firebrigade 105
Currency:Hungarian Forint  VAT non refundeble  
 Alcohol percentage 0%  while driving a vehicle

bridge spanning the Danube
Budapest and the river Donau                                                       Chainbridge on the Donau

  Chainbridge on the Donau

VIDOTRANS-HTG  transports for a number of organizations reliefgoods to churches and aldery homes in Hungary
For Dutch foundation OGO we offer the full range of logistic service like pickups, warehousing and transportation including documents for transporting school equipment for Reformed scholls in Hungary.

typical Hungarian

Summer or winter, VIDOTRANS-HTG  has modern trucks and experienced drivers, the transportation of your reliefgoods can take place all year around.
All our trucks are equipt with modern communication, we can track your goods from departure up till unloading, we can inform you realtime about the situation of your load.

6 of our 11 combinations ready for take of for Eastern Europe

Import and custom regulations for reliefgoods

If you are interrested in transportation or if you want a quotation than please fill in the Information form

Ministery of transportationlekedesi Miniszterium
Dob Utca nr. 75-81 H-1077 Budapest, internet:, e-mail:
tel: 0036-1-3220220   fax: 0036-1-32222440

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Central Bank.

The constitution of 1997

Outcom of latest elections and links to parties

Buro for national and ethnic minorities

Ambassy of Hungary in Washington.

Ambassy of Hungary in Londen.

Information and tourism

Magazine about art and society

Budapest business journal.

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Information for tourist and cityguids of Budapest and Szentendre.

Publications of Amnesty International about Hongarije.

touristist information with links to other sites. europe/hungary/