General country information
Survace 33,700 km²      about 4,4 million inhabetants    Language: Moldovan (Romanian) / Russian
Telephone entry code 00373   Police 02 Ambulance 03 Fire department 01
Currency:Moldovan Leu  VAT 22% non refundeble
 Alcohol percentage 0%  while driving a vehicle  

VIDOTRANS-HTG  transports for the largest Schottisch based relief organization Blythswood Care on a regular base from different warehouses in England and Scotland to various destinations in Moldova, also for MWBI we transport relief goods picked up in Western Europe and combined in our custom bounded warehouse in Steenwijk to Chisinau.

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Import and custom regulations for reliefgoods
What is absolutely impossible:
1.         No meat or products containing meat
2.         No
milk/diary or products containing milk
3.         No vis or products containing vis
4.         No
5.         No
food whit a short expire date or an oudated expiredate, e.g. 03-08 can not be transported in august 2003, in general food should have an expire date of at least 6 months after import in the country.
6.         No
2de hand refrigerators because of the very strict export rules in the EU about equipment containing CFK.
7.         No toys, al toys must be checked by a special aproval comity
8.         No used clothes for children under 3 years of age,
practicly this means NO babyclothes
9.         No used underwear despite the age
10.       No used shoes despite the age
11.       No coffe, because of the very high import tax
12.       No used car tires
13.       No paint or other chemical goods

What is possible without import restrictions:
1.         NEW
2.         furniture
3.         agricultural tools and machines without an engine
4.         NEW refrigerators without CFK´s and GREEN label
5.         used clean nicely packed clothes with a cleaning certificate
6.         second hand household equipment like wasching machines, drycleaners, radio´s, TV´s, sewing machines, vaccuum cleaners, etc.

What is possible but only with an importlicense of the ministery of agriculture:

Patatoes (consumption and seed), Rice, Seeds and milkpowder with all the phyto sanitary certificates

What is possible but only with an importlicense of the ministery of health:
1.         Normal medicin, multi vitamines and bandages
2.         detergent
3.         normal food like coockinoil, pasta´s, margarine, thee, salt, sugar, with an expire date on the packages, a production date shall always be interped as an expire date.
4.         Foodparcels should be al the same, with a complete list of goods an expire dates and ofcourse without forbidden food

What is possible but only with an import license of the ministery of health:
         “Heavy” medicin and special medical equipment.  Normally for this licenses are only giffen for hospitals.

What is possible but only with an importlicense of the ministery of industry:
1.         Paint only if you have the fabrication certificates with expiredates on the tinnes, applying for a license may take some tine

If your receipient custom clears the cargo itself:
A service like Fundatia Martha is not yet possible in Moldova but your receiver must custom clear the goods itself, than you must bare in mind that your receiver must present the following documents and take the following actions:
1.         Accept of donation
2.         Code fiscal
3.         Registration in the local custom computer
4.         license of the ministery of relief aid, meetings every thursday
5.         At a local custom expeditor do the custom decleration.
6.         At the local customs custom clear the goods
7.         Pay for all the custom fees yourself or your receipient.

To apply for an import license your documents must be faxed to the ministry of relief aid at least 2 weeks in advance, once the list is faxed it’s not allowed to alter it.
Please bare in mind that the import license must be faxed to the border of enterance, NO license means NO enterance.

For western European drivers a visa is prohibited, you can obtain a humanitarian visa free of charge at the border if you have a recommendation letter of the ministry for humanitarian affairs from Chisinau, normal price for a visa at the border about € 65,00

If you are interrested in transportation or if you want a quotation than please fill in the Information form